Richard Gere on Tibet’s Gift of Love

Actor and activist Richard Gere talks about his teacher the Dalai Lama, the warm heart of the Tibetan people, and how humanity can benefit from the values of Tibetan culture. Photo by Sonam Zoksang. Melvin McLeod: How did you first make your connection to the Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet? Richard Gere: Well, it’s a long story, as […]

Apple Cider {Easy Homemade Recipe} –

Whoever said I love you a bushel and a peck must have been specifically thinking of homemade Apple Cider. Fresh apples, water, spices, and a touch of sweetener are all you need to make the best-ever version of this fall classic right on your stove. Pin this recipe on Pinterest to save for later Pin It! If you’re wondering if […]

Air Fryer Sweet Plantains (Maduros)

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy. Air Fryer Sweet Plantains or Maduros are an easy and healthy way to make this classic Latin side dish. Air Fryer Sweet Plantains I grew up eating plantains every way you can imagine! Depending on the ripeness of the plantain, you’ll get different results. Mom makes them on the grill […]

Do you resist going to bed? You might be experiencing sleep procrastination – Better Sleep Council | Start every day with a good night’s sleep

After a long day of work and dealing with life, do you find yourself in the following scenario? You’re stretched out in bed, bathed in your phone’s screen light as you mindlessly scroll. Yes, it’s past your intended bedtime, and you’re tired. Yet, turning the phone off and heading to dreamland is not happening. You stubbornly resist – knowing full […]

What Would You Cook for the Dalai Lama?

Fourteen years ago, when Jonathan and Diana Rose created the magnificent Garrison Institute, a repurposed monastery on the banks of the Hudson River, they asked if I’d cook a meal for the Dalai Lama, who was coming to visit. I declined. Maybe insecurity got in the way, but it felt more like fear. Although I was well known as a […]

Death: The Greatest Teacher

The Buddha said the greatest of all teachings is impermanence. Its final expression is death. Buddhist teacher Judy Lief explains why our awareness of death is the secret of life. It’s the ultimate twist. “Laughing in the Face of Stupidity,” painting by Tashi Mannox from the series “Laughing in the Face of Death: To live and die without regrets.” Whether […]

5 Meditations on the Breath

From getting to sleep to completely waking up, working with your breath offers practical and profound benefits. Illustrations by Nolan Pelletier. 1. Mindfulness of Breath While there are many variations of this practice, this simple version is common to many Buddhist traditions and is a mainstay of the secular mindfulness movement. It is a foundation of the path to enlightenment […]