How to Stop Hurrying

For a year, I took upon myself an intention to stop hurrying. This didn’t mean that I couldn’t move quickly, but I discovered how much hurrying is a state of mind. Do we find ourselves in that state of mind where we’re leaning forward into the next moment, into the next thing we need to do? Can we, instead, move […]

Reimagining Safety After a Mass Shooting

In the aftermath of the mass shooting that killed 11 people on January 21 at Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park, California, Kathy Yep reflects on the meaning of safety and healing in her community. Photo via Unsplash. As the news of the mass shooting in Monterey Park unfolded, my heart sank as I recognized the building behind the […]

Tonglen: Una oración que viaja en la respiración

En la inhalación, dice Judy Lief, tome lo que es malo, liberando a otros de él. En la exhalación, ofrezca lo que es bueno. Photo by Le Minh Phuong. El mundo hoy en día está en caos, lleno de sufrimiento, confusión, y avaricia.  Es fácil sentirnos abrumados y  cerrados, pero cerrar nuestros corazones no ayuda  a nadie. Practicamos tonglen, o […]

Tibetan Buddhist Nuns Debate Under the Bodhi Tree at the 26th Annual Jang Gonchoe

Dominique Butet and Olivier Adam report on the 26th Annual Tibetan Nuns’ Winter Debate (Jang Gonchoe) in Bodhgaya, which gathered 500 Tibetan Buddhist nuns to practice philosophical debate. Text by Dominique Butet. Photos by Olivier Adam. Nuns representing their nunnery ask questions to the defenders, who are seated under the Bodhi tree at the 26th Annual Jang Gonchoe. A dense […]

The Winning Poems from the Monthly Tricycle Haiku Challenge

Haiku is an embodied form of literature in which plants, animals, weather, and other seasonal phenomena form the basic subject matter. When we have something thoughtful or personal to say in a haiku, we ground it in images drawn from nature. This gives our poetry a depth and universality that would otherwise be difficult to attain in 17 syllables. The […]

How Our Work Can Help Us Find Freedom

Naomi Matlow shares three ways to practice right livelihood at work. Photo by Jason Goodman. The Buddha’s eightfold path is an active outline for the individual capacity to achieve freedom in this lifetime. In the words of Bhikku Bodhi: “The ultimate task of the eightfold path is to eradicate the defilements that sustain bondage to samsara.” But where does work […]

What We Gain When We Learn to Let Go

Letting go is an important practice in everyday life, as well as on the path of liberation. Daily life provides innumerable small and large occasions for letting go of plans, desires, preferences, and opinions. It can be as simple as when the weather changes, and we abandon plans we had for the day. Or it can be as complex as […]

The Power of the Third Moment

Another driver cuts you off, and you feel a surge of rage. A coworker gets the promotion you think you deserve, and waves of jealousy wash over you. The pastry display in the grocery store beckons, and you sense your willpower dissolving. Anger. Impatience. Shock. Desire. Frustration. You spend your days bombarded by emotions. These emotions are often negative—and if […]

The Next Buddha May Be a Sangha

Each month, Tricycle features articles from the Inquiring Mind archive. Inquiring Mind, a Buddhist journal that was in print from 1984 to 2015, has a growing number of articles from its back issues available at (help Inquiring Mind complete its archive by donating here). Today’s selection is from the Spring 1994 issue, Storytelling. Following are Thich Nhat Hanh’s closing […]