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New Retrospective of Mayumi Oda’s Work Stuns at Tibet House

Recalling the vast bodhisattva assemblies that manifest when the Buddha teaches the dharma, Sarasvati’s Gift: The Art and Life of a Modern Buddhist Revolutionary, a new show at New York City’s Tibet House, draws forth the sacred feminine forces of heaven and Earth to bear testament to artist and activist Mayumi Oda’s transcendent vision. Devas, bodhisattvas, saints, mountain spirits, immortal […]

Destruction and Rebuilding: Two Years in the Life of a Tibetan Monk

Dhondup T. Rekjong shares the story of Geshe Tenzin Tsepak, a Tibetan monk who witnessed the destruction of Tibetan culture in the early 1980s and played a part in its rebuilding and revival. Geshe Tenzin Tsepak. Photo courtesy Dhondup T. Rekjong. In 2017, while pursuing my master’s degree at the University of British Columbia, I met Geshe Tenzin Tsepak. At […]

The True Path

In zazen (sitting meditation) one becomes more keenly aware of the content of the mind. Most people do not realize they have a mind. Most people think they are the mind. If you think you are the mind, then it is difficult to work on the mind, because it is difficult to find the place from which to work on […]

Día a día, momento a momento.

Sandra Gonzalez nos habla sobre la percepción directa, donde el escuchar simple nos lleva a vivir en contacto directo con lo que está pasando aquí en el momento presente.  Photo by Taneli Lahtinen Vivir en el momento requiere que actuemos de forma compasiva, directa y responsable; actuando en armonía y en contacto directo, de manera abierta con lo que está […]

Love Everyone: A Guide for Spiritual Activists

Real political change must be spiritual. Real spiritual practice has to be political. Buddhist teachers Sharon Salzberg and Rev. angel Kyodo williams on how we can bring the two worlds together to build a more just and compassionate society. Sharon Salzberg (left) and Rev. angel Kyodo williams (right). This exploration of the relationship between spiritual practice and political activism took […]

Toward a Worldwide Culture of Love — bell hooks – Lion’s Roar

The practice of love, says bell hooks, is the most powerful antidote to the politics of domination. She traces her thirty-year meditation on love, power, and Buddhism, and concludes it is only love that transforms our personal relationships and heals the wounds of oppression. bell hooks. Photo by Liza Matthews. At a conference on women and Buddhism that took place […]

Light the Lantern of Compassion

When we learn that we are all interconnected, says Keturah Kendrick, we develop a deeper compassion for those around us and ourselves. Photo by Leon Contreras. “It is rare to be born a human being. The number of those endowed with human life is as small as the amount of earth one can place on a fingernail.” —The Writings of […]

Unraveling Anxiety

Buddhist teacher Judy Lief explains the Buddha’s deep analysis of the roots of anxiety and shows how mindfulness can help us ease the suffering of an anxious mind. Photo © Darren Seamark / Stocksy United The mind is a tricky, stubborn thing. When we try to force it to behave, it resists. Sometimes it seems as if it’s an external […]

A Practice for Going Beyond Our Own Stories

Before we begin exploring the Eightfold Path, we should become familiar with what is blocking us from walking it. What are the tangles that are constricting our arms and legs so we can’t move, or covering our mouths so we can’t speak? We won’t end our suffering unless we understand it first. So, we begin by focusing on our suffering […]

How to Work With Anxiety: 3 Techniques For Lasting Change

Anxiety is a natural response to being human, says Lion’s Roar’s Chris Pacheco. When we try to control our anxious feelings instead of accepting them, we might end up exacerbating fear and worry. Here, he outlines three main strategies for moving through anxiety. “I have always been fascinated,” wrote the 20th-century philosopher Alan Watts, “by the law of reversed effort. […]