Five Timeless Teachings by the Dalai Lama from the Tricycle Archives

In Tricycle’s first issue, writer Spalding Gray interviewed the Dalai Lama, covering subjects like doubt, fear, and dreaming. Since then, the magazine has featured a number of teachings from His Holiness that range from introductions to the Buddha’s teachings to advice for countering stress and depression. In honor of his 87th birthday today, here’s a collection of the Dalai Lama’s […]

Patriotic Porridge

Start your morning off with this is simple festive breakfast that will fill everyone up. Cream of wheat is topped with fresh berries in a patriotic pattern. What is Cream of Wheat? Cream of wheat is a popular breakfast porridge that is made from farina. Farina is a type of hot cereal made from wheat that has been milled to […]

Living the Compassionate Life — The Dalai Lama – Lion’s Roar

This teaching by the Dalai Lama explains how the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and compassion lead inevitably to feelings of self-confidence and kindness. Photo by Alison Wright. As human beings we all have the potential to be happy and compassionate people, and we also have the potential to be miserable and harmful to others. The potential for all these things […]

Celebrating the Dalai Lama

Today, we celebrate His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 87th birthday! His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet and one of the most beloved and recognized leaders of our time, turns 87 today. His Holiness is the fourteenth person to be recognized as a Dalai Lama, believed to be a manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. The […]

Frozen Yogurt Bark – 6 Different Combinations

Home > Recipes > Frozen Yogurt Bark We love this protein packed Frozen Yogurt Bark as a refreshing naturally sweet snack, dessert and afternoon craving buster! Creamy Greek yogurt is sprinkled with fresh strawberries, blueberries and crunchy pistachios checking all the boxes for a yummy treat! Frozen Greek Yogurt Bark with Berries This yummy frozen treat is soooo fast to […]

Bacon-Wrapped Air Fryer Chicken Breast

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy. Want the juiciest chicken breasts? Make this easy Bacon-Wrapped Air Fryer Chicken Breast recipe! Just 2 ingredients not counting salt and pepper! Bacon-Wrapped Air Fryer Chicken Breast Chicken breasts can be a bit dry and unexciting. But if you want to kick them up a notch – just wrap them […]

We Are Held by What We Cannot See

Seven in the morning. Forty-seven degrees. October 2. I’m up to my knees in sage and rabbitbrush by the wide expanse of the Summer Lake playa in Oregon. Perfectly flat for forty square miles, the playa is the chalky white bed of an ancient, land-locked lake. Beside the empty expanse, I stand at the center of the four directions. To […]

Fruit Infused Water

Fruit Infused Water is a great way to stay hydrated especially when it’s hot outside. Add your favorite fruits (and even veggies!) to create yummy flavors in a cold and refreshing tall glass of ice cold water. What is Fruit Infused Water? Fruit infused water is also called fruit water, fruit flavored water and sometimes detox water. Basically it is […]

Smart Clothing in Fashion and How Does It Works

Smart Clothing in Fashion and How Does It Works Manisha BeniwalDepartment of Textiles (Fashion Technology)DKTE’S Textile & Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji, IndiaIntern at Textile LearnerEmail: [email protected]   Smart Clothing: Smart apparel, or e-textiles, is fabrics bedded with ultrathin, flexible and transparent detectors, selectors, electronics, mobile connectivity, and indeed nano creators to power them. Now smart clothing is widely used in fashion […]

Beauty Blogs on Youtube: How to Start a Career in Online Beauty

Youtube is the most popular video hosting on the global network. An audience consisting of billions of people around the world visit the site every day. Everyone finds content to their liking. What would the beauty world be without the best beauty blogs? A beauty blog is a website with content about beauty, makeup, hair, fashion, skincare, and any other […]