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No Self, No Suffering

The Buddha made a big promise — that if we know the cause of suffering we can end it. Melvin McLeod breaks down the Buddha’s four noble truths — including his unique insight into the real cause of our suffering — and argues it’s not only the ultimate self-help formula, but the best guide to helping others and benefiting the […]

The Vinaya Pitaka

The Vinaya is more than just the monastic rule book, says Amy Paris Langenberg. It’s a treasure trove of stories shedding light on ethical dilemmas, community tensions, and human foibles. Monks on an alms round in Cambodia. Photo by Robert Harding / Alamy Stock Photo. If you are a fully ordained Buddhist monk (bhikkhu) or nun (bhikkhuni), and you wish […]

My Dog, My Heart

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu discovers you don’t get over the death of a beloved pet. You just learn to love more. Photo courtesy of the author. When my dog Duke collapsed suddenly on a walk, I knew it was bad. But I didn’t know how bad. The vet took one look inside his mouth and his smile vanished. My mind went blank […]

May You Be Safe

As Barbara Gates struggles to protect her adventurous dog Tony from danger, she contemplates the deep aspiration at the heart of loving-kindness practice—may all beings be safe and protected—and wonders what real safety means in this world. Illustrations by Sydney Smith. “Tony bolted through the open gate!” This was my husband Patrick’s shout of alarm, which sent me flying off […]

Is This the Secret to Happiness?

Buddhism, psychology, and life experience all agree on one point, says Zen priest and psychiatrist Robert Waldinger: a larger, more connected sense of self makes life fulfilling and meaningful. The post Is This the Secret to Happiness? appeared first on Lion's Roar. Source link

Ritual as an Opening to Love

Ritual is a foundational component of many Buddhist traditions, yet Western Buddhists are often reluctant to engage in ritual practice. According to Buddhist teacher and professor Anne C. Klein (Lama Rigzin Drolma), this resistance can actually be generative. In fact, Klein believes that working with our resistance to ritual can open us to spaces of wonder, liberation, and belonging. In […]

Hospital Chaplain Venerable Dr. Longyun Shi Is There for Everybody

Venerable Dr. Longyun Shi works full-time as the oncology and ICU chaplain at Stanford Health Care. If you look at her bio on the Stanford spiritual care page, you’ll see that she is also called Ven. Zhiyun Cai. Longyun Shi is her monastic name; Zhiyun Cai is her official name. “Just call me Yun,” she says cheerfully.  This multiplicity of […]

Slub Yarn: Types, Properties, Manufacturing and Uses

Slub Yarn: Types, Properties, Manufacturing and Uses Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman (Maya)AGM, M.Hossain Cotton Spinning Mills LtdEmail: sebabd@ymail.com   What is Slub Yarn?A slub yarn is one in which slubs have been deliberately created to produce the desired discontinuity of effect. Slubs are thick places in the yarn that may take the form of a very gradual change, with only a […]

Natalya Khorover: Could it be plastic? – TextileArtist.org

When you hear an artist say they’re putting the pedal to the metal – and they’re talking about their sewing machine – you get a sense of determination, intensity and a fiery spirit. That kind of steely machine stitching can only come from someone who’s passionate about their cause. Natalya Khorover is one such woman. Natalya had a thrifty upbringing […]