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How Anya Taylor-Joy Learned to Soothe Herself

Anya Taylor-Joy, who this month shares the cover of British Vogue with Queen Elizabeth II, has brought to Hollywood her talent (see: “The Queen’s Gambit”), fashion personality (she’s a global brand ambassador for Dior Beauty) and singular perspective (see: her tip on meditation). After a childhood spent in Miami, Argentina and London, Ms. Taylor-Joy, 25, is now used to moving […]

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: A Hopeful Reminder

We often associate the phrase “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” with death. That’s because it comes from the burial rites in the Book of Common Prayer. This collection of prayer books is used mostly in the Anglican church for communion, marriages and other Christian rites — including burial services and cremations. But a closer look at what “ashes to […]

7 Guided Meditations for Uncertain Times

Meditation won’t solve all your problems, but it can give your mind a rest and help you approach each day with more clarity and purpose. We asked the teachers of the Unplug app to create a week of five-minute meditations to help you cope with some of life’s challenges. You’ll find meditations that will calm your mind, transport […]

For Better Health, Try Fitness From the Inside Out

When I first started writing about health more than 20 years ago, my columns mostly focused on the physical body: A healthy diet, exercise and screening for disease were regular topics. But over the years, the health lessons that have stayed with me haven’t been about physical change. The biggest improvements in my own health and well-being have come from […]

Limpieza de primavera, para tu cerebro

Los casos de coronavirus retroceden por todo Estados Unidos y las mascarillas salen de circulación. En el hemisferio norte, pequeños brotes verdes asoman por fin a través de la tierra y anuncian la llegada de un clima más cálido. No se ha declarado el fin de la pandemia, pero después de vivir en modo de sobrevivencia durante los últimos dos […]

5 Ways to Calm Your Anxious Brain

To hear more audio stories from publications like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android. Coronavirus cases are receding across the United States, and face masks are coming off. Little green shoots are finally poking through the earth, signaling the arrival of warmer weather. The pandemic has not been declared over, but after living in survival mode […]

About Prayer

What Is Prayer? Prayer can be defined simply as a conversation with God. The word “prayer” evolved from the Latin precaria (the feminine form of precarius), meaning to entreat, beg or ask earnestly. This sacred dialogue between God and his children is an important part of most major religions. In the Christian faith, there are many prayer traditions and types […]

3 Stories That Show the Importance of Pastors

Simon, pastor of a church in Indonesia that partners with Compassion, stands with some of the children he ministers to. At Compassion, we are constantly in awe of everything our staff members do to help release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. But we also know that some of the most important contributions to our mission come from people who will never be found on a Compassion […]

The Radical Runaways: Inside an FGM Rescue Center for Girls

Florence’s rescue center has saved 413 girls from female genital mutilation, or FGM, and early marriage. The Kenyan schoolteacher’s lifelong crusade to stop FGM began with her own narrow escape as a child. Warning: This story contains sensitive content that may be confronting. In a thicket off the dusty road, 10-year-old Faith* surveys her options. Which tree will be the […]

12 Heart-Melting Pictures of Kids With Their Animal Buddies

These pictures of kids with animals are cute, of course. But they also show how animals help people in poverty. Some are pets providing companionship and joy, some are livestock helping families generate income, and some provide fertilizer for crops or nutritious milk to drink. One thing these animals all have in common: Children and teenagers in Compassion’s program love […]