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YOU are a YES! You are inherently deserving of whatever it is you desire for yourself.

The challenge for many of us is, from a very young age, we learn that we are a No. We are not smart enough, pretty enough or lovable enough and list goes on. We are told we are wrong or don’t fit into this world.

This puts in to motion a life of building an identity based upon perceptions we believe that are ultimately false.

Even worse, often they are based on other people’s false identities and opinions that they have adopted. Because these experiences are emotionally charged, they get lodged in our memory and are empowered to control us until we become aware of and evolve beyond them.

Because of these false ideas, we can feel like No’s. The little voice inside our head says, “You’re not smart enough or good enough to realize your dreams.” or to simply be yourself.

This is dead wrong! Now is a great time to detach from limiting attachments from the past.

You are a Yes from birth and now is the time to reclaim your Yes-ness!

The question is how do we do this?

One of the most powerful ways to connect to our Yes-ness is through silence and stillness. By dedicating time to be with our breath and by developing a meditation practice. The gaps between thought while meditating open our awareness to Yes-ness which opens the opportunity to express our Yes-ness in everything we do…to flow through life in the present moment, inspired by soul.

Yeah, that’s a lot but meditation and breath work are called practice for a reason. It’s a life journey.

Start your next training session with a short meditation. It can be as simple as three minutes of opposite nostril breathing. Then think of your session as expressing your Yes-ness or moving from soul.

It’s freeing to shift from “I have to exercise because I’m overweight or out of shape.” to “I’m doing this to express the love I have for my mind, body and soul.”

What we say to ourselves and how we say it matters immensely.

You are a YES! Take care of yourself like it; live like it.

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