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NOTE:The package box of four style wind chimes are the same in appearance, the difference is the text on the upper part of the wind chimes.

When the clear wind in front of the window rings, what kind of mood it is! People who like to hang up wind chimes, do you know what it means?

In ancient times, the direction of the dipper handle was used to determine the seasonal alternation. The Big Dipper seven stars revolved in a circle. The change of the dipper is closely related to the seasonal change. The division of the four seasons of a year is determined by the position of the earth in its orbit around the sun, following the changes of the sky and the seasons. Spring birth, summer growth, autumn harvest and winter Tibet reflect the changing laws of climate, phenology and humanity.

According to the theory of music harmony and exquisite craftsmanship, the four seasons series of wind poem and wind chime return to nature and create the sound of

nature.Wind poem and wind chime are not only decorations, but also musical instruments. On a windy day, it will sound the melody of the four seasons.

[safety] since ancient times, people have used wind chimes to change the magnetic field of the environment and space, and they think that wind chimes can bring good luck and also symbolize good luck. Hope to have a pure and happy heart like the wind chime to pray for a happy and safe day.

[meditation] wind chime is one of the pure and elegant sounds of Buddhism’s performing smooth magic. The “Ding Ding Dong” is to address the Buddhist principles of “bitter, empty, impermanent and selfless”. It achieves the purpose of meditation and nourishing nature with the sound of “wind blowing jade vibration”.

[missing] think of you, the wind blows the bell’s heart, awakens each other’s telepathy, listens to his (her) heartbeat when they can’t get together.


 Every windbell has its owner. I hope you can treat it well. In order to let it stay with you longer, we provide after-sales service for it. 1. All fengzhishi products enjoy one-year free warranty and life-long maintenance service. In case of any quality and damage problems in the use of products, please contact your regular authorized dealer to purchase the products, and our after-sales service will deal with them properly for you. 2. If you have any comments and suggestions on our products or services, please let us 3. The product has artificial non quality problems within one year, such as (product deformation and damage caused by appearance scratch, improper use or damage, wading, etc.) is not covered by the warranty, but we will try our best to save it and provide you with paid maintenance services. Fengzhishi culture adheres to the after-sales concept of “sincere service, lifelong companionship”, and looks forward to your satisfactory feedback. Avoid hard objects colliding with the surface of the wind chime to avoid scratching the protective paint of the wind chime, and avoid the extreme environment such as too dry or wet, strong sunlight, rain and snow. When collecting the wind chime, please put it in a flannelette storage bag for proper storage. Reminder1. In order to ensure the safety of the product, do not hang the wind bell at a high place outside the window, which may cause damage to the wind bell or injury to pedestrians.2. Check the mounting firmness of the hanging parts frequently . If the hanging parts are found to be loose, secure them immediately to prevent unnecessary product falling off and personal injury.








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