Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow 50x30cm/60x35cm Slow Rebound Soft Ice-cool Gel Pillow Comfort Relax The Cervical For Adult Pillows


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Real Buyer Show High quality and practical, very popular with buyers!  Memory foam pillow Product information: Name: Memory Foam Pillow Material: Memory cotton Pillowcase: Velvet, knitted Size: 50x30x10cm/60x35x12cm Color: White Part: Neck Use: Sleeping Age Group: All Package Content: 1 x Memory Foam Pillow+ pillowcase


Product features:

1. This pillow moderate hardness, can providing head and neck good support force. 2. The use of high quality raw materials and advanced processing technology, product quality and security. 3. Relax neck and shoulder muscles to relieve neck fatigue, shoulder and back pain. Maintain a continuous support shape throughout the night. 4. Pillows promote proper alignment of the spine, which relieves .

Adapt to slepping position: Whether you sleep on your side or on your back, you can cling to your neck. Can make you sleep better.

Comfortable fabrics: Very soft and fits your cervical spine. Let you have better sleep.


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The picture that my client shared with me is very comfortable, it will make my client fall asleep faster and improve the quality of sleep.

Question & Answer About air bubbles: Memory foam products are foamed disposable molds for abrasive tools, which will inevitably have small air holes in the product. Air holes are also an important basis for distinguishing cutting sponges from memory cotton. Air bubbles do not affect the use of the product. About odor: Because the product will have some raw material odor just after it is produced, the package will be sealed during transportation, and it will have a slight odor when it is opened. This is normal and does not affect the use and health. About Chromatic Aberration: Store pictures are taken in kind. Due to various reasons such as shooting light, environment, computer display, and personal understanding of color, it will cause slight color difference.


Cooling Gel Pillow

Product Information: Name: Cool Gel Pillow Pillow shape: Butterfly shape Material: Memory Foam Color: white & blue Size: 50x30x10cm/60x35x12cm Weight: about 1500g Package Included: 1 x Cool Gel Pillow+pillowcase

Do you sleep well ? 1.This pillow with cooling gel that keeps you nicely fresh during the night, while it reduces sweating and discomfort. 2.The pillow’s design provides cervical support and keeps your neck leveled to minimize headaches and back pains.



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The best pillow for you! It makes you feel more comfortable.

Products Having a good sleep is very much related to a good pillow







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