LED Water Ionizer Purifier Machine PH4.5-10.5 Alkaline Acid water setting Hight Quality Hydrogen water

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The 739 series water ionizer can be applied to water quality and power environments around the world. It has a delicate appearance, liquid crystal display, touch buttons, and great electrolysis effect.

Product Details

– Extremely-large dot matrix LED display, support voice function, convenient for elderly people.

– Real-time monitor machine status, displayed flow, water temperature, PH value, ORP value and so on, help users to choose water correctly, easy to operate.

– Built-in high-efficiency power supply system, suitable for different current voltages in the world, low power consumption but high efficiency, constant current and constant voltage output, ensure water quality more stable, more sufficient and more energy-saving, automatic standby for saving energy.

– CDC touch control technology, beautiful and durable, super touch function, easy and simple operation, just one touch, make your life better with just one button.

– Microcomputer automatically controls electrolysis, suitable for different water quality TDS within the range of 80~1000ppm;

– Real-time display water volume, monitoring the using status, keep your water safe as always.

– Automatic cleaning electrode effectively prevents scaling.

– Imported premium stainless steel coils from Japan, keep it rustless, water outlet position can be changed as you like, very convenient for users.

– Constructed with Japanese ionic membrane, titanium white gold electrolytic board, bring high-efficiency electrolysis operation and long lifespan.

No built-in filter

This water machine does not have a built-in filter. It is the electrolyzed water machine that produces alkaline and acidic water through the principle of electrolysis. If the local tap water quality is not good, it is recommended to install an external filter for filtration


– Item Name: Water Ionizer
– Model No: YJ-739
– Color: White
– Input: 110-240V, 50~60Hz
– Power range: 5~90W
– Standby power: approx. 1W
– Inlet pressure: 0.1~0.3Mpa
– Inlet water TDS: 80~1000mg/L
– Starting water flow: 0.8L/min
– Optimal working flow: 2~3L/min
– Continuous electrolytic time: about 60 minutes
– Function gears: Alkaline 4 files, 1 water purifying, 1st acid
– Electrode material: Titanium platinum coating
– Electrode size: 79 x 43 mm
– Number of electrodes: 5 pieces
– PH range: 4.5-10
– ORP range: 300 – 500mV
– Maximum inlet temperature: 45 degrees
– Gross weight: 3.5kg
– Size: 258 x 170 x 110 mm
Package Included:
– 1 x Water Ionizer
– 1 x Adaptor
– 1 x Hanger
– 1 x Washer
– 1 x Top Assembly
– 2 x Rubber Tube Clips
– 1 x Water inlet disposal tube
– 1 x English Manual

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Water Purifier



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Terminal Purification

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Municipal Water




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