Different Types of Bed Sheets and Materials

Different Types of Bed Sheets and Materials

Different Types of Bed Sheets and Materials

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Generally, while we want a nice sleep, convenient bedspread is required. There are plenty of bed sheets available, but to choose right one it will be quite difficult. When it comes to cotton, silk or bamboo, these are all having different qualities and they will deliver different wants and requirements/preferences. In this article, we’ll discuss different types of bed sheets and their materials.

Different Types of Bed Sheets and Materials:

1. Cotton bed sheets:
Cotton is the most notorious bed sheet. It is having a great breathability, softness and lasting, all these things make it perfect to use in all season. The durability remains constant for subsequent washes also softens. Basically the quality of cotton sheets is verily depends upon what type of cotton is being used, count of thread and process of manufacturing. As per as availability of cotton is concern it is affordable one. Coming to the washing, it can be machine washed and dried along with this less care can be taken. But only the thing is to remove creases ironing is required.

  1. Egyptian: Egyptian cotton is considered as high quality cotton. It is having smooth finish, great durability and it is resistant to pilling. It’s a long cotton fibre (staple length).
  2. Pima: This is considered as second to Egyptian cotton. This having good durability, great quality, smoothness along with longer staple length.
  3. Upland: This cotton is having short staple length having low quality compared to Egyptian and Pima. The fabrics/garments which are having labels of 100% or pure cotton that are all made up from Upland. It’s fairly durable. And not soft compared to others.
  4. Flannel: This is the type in which the bed sheet is being shredded so that individual yarns will be shaved, ultimately it will give fuzzier feeling. Plain and twill weave will make it softer.
  5. Jersey: This is soft one. Its apparent to clean, at the age it is having pilling tendency. They are not that much immoderate. As it’s pliable it will stretch easily and not that much durable compared to others.
Fig: Cotton bed sheet

2. Microfiber bed sheets:
With help of ultra thin fibres microfiber is made. This fibre is hundred times finer than human hair and considered as extreme fine fibre. This is the blend of man-made fibers, generally of PET or PET and nylon. It’s ideal one for busy household because of it’s soft nature, lightweight and wrinkle resistant. It is uncomfortable for hot sleepers and not that much breathable compared to cotton. As it is man-made fibre it’s tendency is pilling so it give a look like worn appearance after some period of time.

Microfiber bed sheets
Fig: Microfiber bed sheets

3. Percale bed sheets:
A cotton weave is one of the type of weave which will give crisp, cool and breathable fabric called as Percale. They are famous for their durability. As its being washed subsequently it will become softer. They’ll have a matte finish along with threads count is around 180 and many of them are having thread count of 200 or more than that. The people who live in warmer climates or who sleep hot for them this bed sheet will be considered as good. This will keep you not only comfortable but also cool for whole night, this is because of it’s tight weave which will allow air to circulate. It’s a lightweight so that ultimately it will improves it’s breathability. It can be machine washed and easy to take care of it.

Percale bed sheets
Fig: Percale bed sheets

4. Supima cotton bed sheets:
This cotton is cultivated in United States. This cotton is having longer staple length. As its staple length is higher it is stronger and softer one and also durable. So, it’s a high quality. It gives you the silky-smooth feel and they are highly breathable. They provide better quality with comfort as it’s having higher thread count. So, it is Costlier. As they have good breathability it will be suitable for warm days.

Supima cotton bed sheets
Fig: Supima cotton bed sheets

5. Bamboo bed sheets:
As name suggest it is made from bamboo fiber. This is eco friendly and sustainable. To cultivate this it requires less water and pesticides to grow compared to cotton. Naturally it is heavy smooth and silky nature which gives us comfortable and luxurious feel. It is having antimicrobial property naturally, so mostly it is used in hospitals for patients specially for skin care. They are suitable for warm and hot sleepers as it is lightweight and breathability property. Bamboo fibre is natural fibre it needs more care than man-made fibres. This can be washed in machines but it requires gentle Wash with low heat drying to avoid damage and shrinking.

Bamboo bed sheets
Fig: Bamboo bed sheets

6. Egyptian cotton sheets:
This cotton sheets are luxurious, soft and durable one so high cost. This cotton has long staple length so that it will give smoother feel to fabric. These are thin and long so that it will be soft and strong as well.

Egyptian cotton sheets
Fig: Egyptian cotton sheets

The softness and durability is provided by high thread count. Generally the thread count is about 400 and for particular premium brand it would bring 1000. It’s having higher breathability, so it is suitable for warm days. As it is providing more comfort and high quality it is costlier one.

7. Linen bed sheets:
Linen fibres are manufactured from the base material called as flax fibre. These bed sheets are lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable. For hot sleepers and for summer days it is suitable. It is having a solitary texture which becomes softer after subsequent wash. As time passes it will continue to make it better. Linen fibers are very strong with resistance to wear and tear so that it can sustain for many years. Sometimes it facilitates to wrinkles so that it requires ironing to get proper look.

Linen bed sheets
Fig: Linen bed sheets

8. Tencel bed sheets:
There is one environmentally process generally called as lyocell from this process Tencel sheet is processed. Tencel is brand name given to lyocell and is familiar for its eco-friendliness and sustainability. This fibre is environmentally vigilant, as production process of this fibre make less usage of water compared to traditional methods and this fibre is compostable and biodegradable. There is one tree called as eucalyptus, from this tree pulp is taken and this fibre will be made. These sheets are silky and soft to feel. So that people love to sleep on this. They are moisture-wicking and breathable one. This all helps you to keep your body temperature chill in summer nights. Tencel sheet doesn’t require ironing and also it is resistance to shrinkage. Machine wash can be possible and easy to wash and dry. This is more easier/ suitable for busy households.

Tencel bed sheets
Fig: Tencel bed sheets

9. Silk bed sheets:
Silkworms secrets a fibre and by that silk sheets are made known for their comfortable/lavish appearance. They are in warm days, they are highly breathable, it will maintain body temperature and feels smooth. The silk sheets can sustainable for many days as it is having stronger fibre. It is considered as good for the sensitive skin as it repeals dust particles. As the production of silk needs more labour force so it is expensive and ultimately the sheets will be costlier compared to others. (Exception – Egyptian)

Silk bed sheets
Fig: Silk bed sheets

10. Sateen bed sheets:
As name suggests this is woven with sateen weave which gives a glossy and soft finish to the fabric and wrinkle resistant. The satin weave is dominated by higher number of threads per inch; this only gives the silky look to the fabric. There are so many weaves in sateen. Sateen silk is excellence choice for lavish bedroom.

Sateen bed sheets
Fig: Sateen bed sheets

Whenever we need nice sleep a convenient bed sheet is necessary. If it is of not good quality then might be we will not get lovely sleep. So it is very important what type of bed sheets you are choosing. There are so many types of bed sheets amongst those 10 types of bed sheets discussed herewith, along with their fibres. Various bed sheets are having different types of properties based on fibre, weave and thread count. These properties are like lightweight, breathability, soft, smooth, wrinkle resistance, antimicrobial, silky, moisture-wicking etc.


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