Here’s To The Grandparents Who Are Really There For Us

Grandparents who show up are the real superheroes. They are a treasure that should never be underappreciated. I’m sure that not all grandparents are winners. There are always relationships that have more challenges than we would like. But hopefully, you were blessed with at least one amazing grandma or grandpa – it’s such a unique and important relationship. Because my […]

How to Reduce Holiday Stress Instantly

We all know that managing our stress is important on a day-to-day basis, but during the holiday season when stress levels can be at their highest and quiet time can be at its lowest, it becomes even more vital and challenging. Too much stress not only contributes to high anxiety, but it also weakens the immune system, disrupts hormones, impairs […]

Is Bone Broth Good for You?

Bone broth is a popular staple in the Paleo community and many other diet philosophies because it is believed that it can help heal and seal your gut, oppose inflammation, encourage healthy digestion, support the immune system, inhibit infection by microbes, reduce joint pain, and inflammation, promote strong and healthy bones, hair and nail growth. It has been consumed by […]

Four Nuts Once a Month

This is one of the craziest articles I saw all year. A single consumption of high amounts of Brazil nuts improves the cholesterol levels of healthy volunteers. OK, that’s interesting. They gave 10 men and women a single meal containing zero, one, four, or 8 Brazil nuts, and found that the ingestion of just that single serving almost immediately improved […]

Top 5 Cancer Stem Cell-Killing Foods

Finding ways to kill cancer stem cells has been one of the holy grails in cancer research. While this is a target of biotechnology companies working on cancer treatment, scientists have already discovered dietary factors (cancer stem cell-killing foods) that have the ability to kill cancer stem cells, at least in some forms of cancer. Cancer stem cells are responsible […]