How a 440-Pound Man Got His Life Back

Weighing in at 440 pounds, with a diagnosis of prediabetes and a 5XL shirt size, James knew he needed to make monumental lifestyle changes. See how MyFitnessPal helped him on his weight loss journey. The post How a 440-Pound Man Got His Life Back appeared first on MyFitnessPal Blog. Source link

Your Top 5 Compassion Stories of 2021

As editor of the Compassion USA blog, I always love looking back over the year to see which articles resonated with you the most. It gives me a chance to reflect on the powerful stories and photos that come from our photojournalists around the world and writers in the U.S. I also get an idea of what type of content […]

Here’s To The Grandparents Who Are Really There For Us

Grandparents who show up are the real superheroes. They are a treasure that should never be underappreciated. I’m sure that not all grandparents are winners. There are always relationships that have more challenges than we would like. But hopefully, you were blessed with at least one amazing grandma or grandpa – it’s such a unique and important relationship. Because my […]

A Universal Way To Get Rest Instead of Stressed

News anchor Julia Moffitt of 13Sunrise in Indianapolis explores the Transcendental Meditation technique with local TM teacher Paul Wilson. Originally published on “‘It’s a universal practice,’ Wilson said. ‘This is a simple system of deep meditation. The sun brings the light in the morning. It wakes people up and an anchor connects us to something deep, so we get […]

Healthcare Workers Facing Burnout Find Strength through Transcendental Meditation

Last year, in an effort to support medical providers and first responders on the brink of burnout, we launched Heal the Healers Now. More recently, Hadley Barndollar of the Providence Journal spoke with Dr. Tony Nader – a medical doctor and head of the international Transcendental Meditation organization – about this initiative to provide meditation to those battling the COVID-19 […]