Finding Success Through the Right Mindset With Darnell Brown

In this episode… Being successful as a person and as an entrepreneur is a long, arduous journey. What stays constant from start to finish is your mindset. Without the right beliefs, support, and mentality, no amount of effort will translate into progress. There are an endless number of gurus who will work with you and your business on strategy — […]

BSC Q4 2021 Tracker Results

A new wave of the coronavirus seems to be creating major ripples in people’s lives – affecting their concerns, behaviors and shopping habits, according to the Q4 2021 “Inside the Mind of Today’s Mattress Consumer” survey by the Better Sleep Council. The research suggests that people are partially retreating into their homes – increasing their prioritization of optimizing them for […]

Kids and Sleep

Methodology There were 1,000 surveys fielded between November 19 and December 4, 2021, among U.S. parents (aged 18+) who have children aged 3 to 18. Screening criteria ensured that respondents had children who were currently in school (pre-K to 12th grade). If respondents had more than one child in school, then respondents answered the survey questions about only one child. […]

How a 440-Pound Man Got His Life Back

Weighing in at 440 pounds, with a diagnosis of prediabetes and a 5XL shirt size, James knew he needed to make monumental lifestyle changes. See how MyFitnessPal helped him on his weight loss journey. The post How a 440-Pound Man Got His Life Back appeared first on MyFitnessPal Blog. Source link