The Relentless Middle Way of Shenhui

In the long transmission history of Chan Buddhism from the legendary days of Bodhidharma, few figures shimmer as luminously as the Southern school Chan master Shenhui (684–758). Born during the dynamic days of the Tang dynasty (618–907), considered by many a golden age of Chinese cosmopolitanism, Shenhui lived during a time of intense cultural production, political intrigue, and military activity. […]

Sleep Ergonomics: Creating a Neck-Friendly Sleep Environment – Better Sleep Council | Start every day with a good night’s sleep

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Hannah Lamb: Finding Meaning in Textile Art –

Piecing together fragments of her experience – a word or phrase from a conversation, the texture of a particular piece of fabric – textile artist Hannah Lamb is constantly inspired by the everyday, as well as the rich textile heritage of the Yorkshire landscape where she lives and works. Whether consciously or not, these influences are woven together, often using […]

Knitwear Manufacturing Technology: An Overview

Knitwear Manufacturing Technology: An Overview Shubham Anil JainSr. ConsultantCent Edge Solutions LLP, Bangalore, IndiaEmail: [email protected]   Introduction:Knitting is the practice of using yarn and needles to create loops of thread that interlock one another row by row. Many people have utilized this craft to make fabrics and apparel including socks, sweaters, scarves, caps, and gowns. The Oxford English Dictionary records […]

Discover the Transformative Power of Breathwork and Mindfulness

In today’s fast-paced world, stress, anxiety, and pain have become an almost inevitable part of our daily lives. With the hustle and bustle of daily routines, we often find ourselves trapped in a never-ending cycle of stress and anxiety, which can have a significant impact on our health and well-being. However, by incorporating breathwork and mindfulness into our daily lives, […]

Aari and Zardozi Embroidery: An Overview

Aari and Zardozi Embroidery: An Overview Dr. Afrose Fathima FaridAssistant Professor,Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Home Science – Textile Science and Fashion Designing,Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women,Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600017.Email: [email protected]   Once adorned by the royalties of the country, on silk and velvet, the aari designs would stand out like a peacock […]

Through the Digital Veil: Inside the World of VR Meditation –…

Can virtual reality deepen contemplative practice? Ross Nervig dons a headset and explores the promise and peril of mesmerizing worldscapes. Real life overlaid with contemplative virtual reality, as created by the VR start-up aNUma. Purple skin is a popular flesh tone where I am going. I’m meeting with Jeremy Nickel, an executive at Tripp, a VR meditation app that offers […]

How to Meditate – The New York Times

Sleepiness: Many people get sleepy when they try to meditate. This may be because our minds are simply overstimulated, or it may be because our bodies are tired and need some rest. Either way, there are skillful ways to wake ourselves up so we can engage in meditation. Straighten your posture. Open your eyes. Try walking meditation. Instead of using […]