Managing Homework and Bedtime Routine: Striking a Balance for School-Aged Children – Better Sleep Council | Start every day with a good night’s sleep

As the school year gets underway, balancing children’s homework and bedtime routine can feel like a tightrope walk for parents. And the struggle is real—on one hand, it’s important for children to get enough sleep to support their cognitive development, memory consolidation, and learning. On the other hand, there’s a lot of homework to be done! We’re here to guide you […]

Choosing embroidery and fabric scissors –

You’re in a haberdashery shop, or browsing your favourite online sewing store, hoping to buy some embroidery scissors. But looking through all the options, the selection is huge. From tiny embroidery scissors to large fabric shears – and so many brands and styles in between – in all different colours and shapes. So how do you choose? Here’s what you […]

Air Fryer Fish Sticks

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy. Once you make air fryer fish sticks from scratch, you’ll never deep fry them again! Perfect with homemade tartar sauce. Fish Sticks in Air Fryer Forget the frozen aisle – Make healthy fish sticks in the air fryer with cleaner, fresh ingredients that taste so much better than packaged ones. They’re […]

Writing Love Letters to Monsters

When writer Kai Cheng Thom felt like the world was collapsing, she posed a question to herself: What happens when we imagine loving the people—and the parts of ourselves—that we do not believe are worthy of love? Over the course of her career, Thom has worked as an activist, sex worker, psychotherapist, conflict mediator, and community healer. In each of […]

Elnaz Yazdani: Embellish, connect and transform –

Embellish, connect, transform is how artist and educator, Elnaz Yazdani defines – and challenges – the process of embroidery. Using these elements as prompts, literally, metaphorically and poetically, she explores embroidery, including making unseen forces such as magnetism and sound visible. Elnaz uses traditional goldwork techniques including zardozi, which draws on her Persian heritage. However, rather than precious metals, Elnaz […]

10 Tips for Creating a Sleep-Friendly Dorm Room – Better Sleep Council | Start every day with a good night’s sleep

Better Sleep Council spokeswoman Terry Cralle shares10 tips that will help turn your dorm room into a sleep sanctuary. While college can be a wonderful and exciting new adventure, it does come with its share of challenges. Academic, financial, personal, and social stressors on top of a new environment and a hectic schedule mandate students’ vigilance in putting their physical […]

Coalition urges action on US textile waste

Coalition urges action on US textile waste | Labels & Legislation News | News Other Publications from MCL News & Media © 2008 – 2023 MCL News & Media Interested in advertising? Simply give us a call Sales: +44 1977 708488 Or if you prefer email, click on the […]

Green Tara: You Are the Divine Feminine – Lions Roar

No matter your gender identification, you can do Green Tara practice and help bring yourself—and the world—into balance. Lama Döndrup Drölma offers step-by-step instructions. Painting Courtesy of Lucky Thanka, Tara is awakened awareness manifest in a female form. She’s a beloved Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist figure whose countless devotees have invoked her compassionate presence since the late sixth century […]

Shrimp Quesadilla

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy. Enjoy this protein-packed Shrimp Quesadilla recipe bursting with savory flavors – an ideal choice for a light and satisfying dinner or lunch. Shrimp Quesadilla Whether you’re a seafood lover or a fan of Mexican cuisine, Shrimp Quesadillas are a must-try dish that combines the best of both worlds. If you […]